Arrhythmia Alliance is pleased to announce 'Aliança Arrítmica Portugal' from the formerly affiliated organisation, Bate bate Coracao - sinta o seu ritmo , translated as "beat beat of your heart - feel your rhythm". A-A Portugal will continue the work of Bate bate Coracao to educate and provide awareness to patients, patient groups, and health professionals by distributing and promoting information about arrhythmias, diagnosis and treatments. The new partnership between Arrhythmia Alliance and A-A Portugal will collaborate to improve arrhythmia services throughout Europe.


Dr. Carlos Morais , coordinating the establishment of  A-A Portugal, will continue in his role as National Coordinator of the Bate bate Coracao campaign,  ensuring that patients and patient organisations in Portugal receive help and education on heart rhythm disorders. Read more:


Patient booklets translated in Portuguese:


Atrial Fibrillation (2nd booklet attached)

Implantable Loop Recorder